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The British Mammal Guide:

What The Experts Have Said About The British Mammal Guide

"Many thanks to all who have already purchased a copy of The British Mammal Guide and a special thanks to those who have provided comments and reviews on the DVDs."

Matt Cooke - 'Nottinghamshire Bat Group and Professional Ecological Consultant'

"This is an incredibly comprehensive and accurately compiled DVD, and I think the only such compilation to include all our beloved British Mammals. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to learn more about the wonderful wildlife around us"

Tim Preston - Shropshire Mammal Group

"The video footage is excellent, the background info is fantastic and it's well put together. Each species is talked about individually showing video and stills, foot prints, scat photos, habitat and vague population spread.

Even my 5 year old son watched it all the way through! He was pleased to "learn new animal facts".

"Well worth a watch."

Lorcán Adrain - Shropshire Mammal Group

"This is a first class guide, covering the habitat, ID and prints, but no sign of skulls! Excellent video footage. Better than alot of book versions claimed as guides, Worth buying."

Dr. Mark Hows - Mammal Expert

"I received a complimentary copy of the British Mammal Guide DVD from the producers, who I have been helping a little over the last couple of years with advice and some small mammal trapping.

I watched the two DVD set over the Christmas period and will offer my thoughts on it. The cinematography is well done with nice footage of 78 British mammal species the total running time is almost 3 hours. Most of the footage is taken in the British isles of wild animals but doing this for all species such as Wildcat is very difficult and some footage was filmed in captive collections.
This does not detract from the overall feel of the DVD and some of the species would be almost impossible to film in the wild.

The factual content is very good and well narrated. Overall this DVD is very well done, has some nice footage and information and is well worth adding to your DVD collection and there is nothing else on the market so this is a pioneering DVD."

Ron Bury - Mammal Surveying, Wildlife Camera Trapping and Environmental photography in the Highlands of Scotland
Website: Ron Bury's Wildlife

"I loved your mammal DVDs so much I've watched them twice now just for the sake of it."

David Lee - Herefordshire Mammal and Bat Group

"It goes without saying that the wildlife shots are spectacular."

Dave Treesmith - Herefordshire Mammal Group

"Just watched this and it really is fantastic, top marks for dedication"

Nathan Lowe - Marine biologist

"Very informative section on Cetaceans, I'm most impressed by the stunning video footage for each species. Well done for putting this together"

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